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as asd from asd Monday, 24-09-18 02:57


asd from asd Monday, 24-09-18 02:56


susan wittenberg from new york Monday, 30-07-18 18:29

My husband and I will be in Estonia Oct. 1-10 and would love to see your Gallery. Where are you located. I have one of your painings on my office wall here in New York City...would love to get another.

Yvonne Adams from Weirton, WV Monday, 04-12-17 23:58

I just discovered this other worldly art. This is truly Godly. I can fully appreciate this man's work.
I plan to buy as much as I can. It has awaken something very other worldly for me. Supernatural if you will. Thank You. God has truly spoken through you.

jasmine from sg Thursday, 03-08-17 06:47

you art is truly inspiring! its hard to argue against that!

Leah Throckmorton from Pennsylvania Monday, 04-07-16 22:43

I just discovered your art and I am so inspired! I am going to save up so I can buy some of your art.

Jim Pelletier from Daytona Beach, FL, USA
Monday, 20-04-15 12:12

I have followed your art for years as you have worshiped God in your paintings. That it is worship is beyond question, as you are using your gifts to magnify the lord. You bring us to a beautiful place in Christ. I am personally grateful to see what Jesus is doing in you.

Painter of LIFE Kelly Johnson from USA Friday, 04-10-13 00:12

I love your work, the illustrations are so annointed and filled with love. It draws me into each frame as if I am living in the art. Thank you for sharing it!

Kirk McCrea from Michigan, USA
Wednesday, 20-03-13 00:29

Thank you for the wonderful, safe delivery of my order and the free bookmarks! You are always a blessing and I pray the Lord bears much fruit through your work.

Wolfgang global from France
Wednesday, 30-01-13 14:57

Great Art Work

juhan from Tallinn Saturday, 04-08-12 12:07

God bless you, my brother in Christ. Your art is beautiful and an inspiration.

Chuck James from Liverpool Thursday, 21-06-12 20:36

Great page.... please get in touch on

wolfgang from UK
Sunday, 13-05-12 22:46

a very different stile but but I like specially "The last Supper"

Regards Wolfgang

Kirk and Genii McCrea from Michigan, USA Tuesday, 03-04-12 15:26

It is clear that you love the Lord dearly and that the Lord has blessed the work of your hands. We look forward to seeing more of your artwork. The Lord bless you too for your compassion for the poor too.

lisa mikler from fl,
Saturday, 21-05-11 01:41

I was looking for a picture of pentecost and your painting was in the google image gallery. I really enjoyed looking at your website. I would love to chat with you sometime. thanks for the beautiful, inspired art!

Sue Crow from UK
Wednesday, 23-02-11 22:35

Hi Ain, only just caught up with the message you left on my website last year..thanks for your encouraging comment..I think your work is truly inspired too.. The Creator is so generous with his gifts..I wondered how you came across my website? May God continue to bless your work. Sue

michelle hernandez from miami
Wednesday, 08-12-10 00:42

Excellent work ,you are very talented and have an eye to bring spiritual things to artistic visions. I would love to see a painting with the parting of the sea with Miriam leading the women out after the Exodus from Egypy in dance and tamborines.Your 10 virgins parable inspired us to do a dance for our fellowship this past weekend. If you would like me to share it with you please email me as this guestbook would not allow me to share the link. Its on youtube titled "Hanukkah Dance 2010 The Five Virgins with extra oil".Im purchasing the 10 virgins poster by the way, among many others I plan on decoration my home with. Many blessings in Messiah !

Kairit Põldmaa from Tartu, Eesti Tuesday, 30-11-10 08:25

Suur tänu, Ain, et oled loonud nii toreda kodulehekülje ja tänud, et sinu tegemisi on võimalik jälgida facebookis! Kui mina kristlaseks sain, siis oli mul sinu postkaart ristil oleva Jeesusega alati salajases kohas ja piilusin seda, kui usk nõrgemaks läks. See pilt andis mulle alati jõudu!
Aitäh Sulle!
Kairit Põldmaa

Daniel Emordi from upper belverdere Friday, 12-11-10 17:40

who is the white person shining with light watering the plants is it Jesus?

Heikki from Finland
Wednesday, 10-11-10 21:32

Mystical art. You have a personal style :)

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