Yvonne Adams | Weirton, WV

I just discovered this other worldly art. This is truly Godly. I can fully appreciate this man's work. I plan to buy as much as I can. It has awaken something very other worldly for me. Supernatural if you will. Thank You. God has truly spoken through you.

jasmine | sg

you art is truly inspiring! its hard to argue against that!

Leah Throckmorton | Pennsylvania

I just discovered your art and I am so inspired! I am going to save up so I can buy some of your art.

Jim Pelletier | Daytona Beach, FL, USA

I have followed your art for years as you have worshiped God in your paintings. That it is worship is beyond question, as you are using your gifts to magnify the lord. You bring us to a beautiful place in Christ. I am personally grateful to see what Jesus is doing in you.

Painter of LIFE Kelly Johnson | USA

I love your work, the illustrations are so annointed and filled with love. It draws me into each frame as if I am living in the art. Thank you for sharing it!

Kirk McCrea | Michigan, USA

Thank you for the wonderful, safe delivery of my order and the free bookmarks! You are always a blessing and I pray the Lord bears much fruit through your work.

wolfgang | UK

a very different stile but but I like specially "The last Supper" Regards Wolfgang

Kirk and Genii McCrea | Michigan, USA

It is clear that you love the Lord dearly and that the Lord has blessed the work of your hands. We look forward to seeing more of your artwork. The Lord bless you too for your compassion for the poor too.

lisa mikler | fl

I was looking for a picture of pentecost and your painting was in the google image gallery. I really enjoyed looking at your website. I would love to chat with you sometime. thanks for the beautiful, inspired art!

Heikki | Finland

Mystical art. You have a personal style :)

Martin Don | Seattle

Beautiful art. Great site.

olivier | france

I really like your poster as well ! great !

Robert W. Tompkins | Corning, NY, USA

God bless you, my brother in Christ. Your art is beautiful and an inspiration.

McTomac | Gdansk, Poland

Very interesting art. I like it and this style. Regards from Poland ;) God Bless You!

Yuri Mark | , Ukraine

Very fresh and different. Each piece is a doorway to a world in and of itself. One can spend hours exploring those worlds meditatively, and come back changed. Thank you.

Doris Stephens | Vacaville, CA, USA

Wow! That's all I could say as I looked at each of your paintings. I felt convicted, inspired, encouraged . . . the list goes on. Thank you for stirring up the gift of God in you & blessing us with its beauty. Doris Stephens

Nirmal Kumar Dayalan | Chennai, India

These paintings seems to be really inspirational.... and that gives a real presence of the Holy Spirit.

Annemieke | , Holland

I found you paintings verry good and special. And great to paint of Gods Word! I have read your story. You tell: Now I see, that sometimes a person must fall very low to really break before God and to give Him leadership. So it was also for me. God Bless You

Ralf and Stella | Bonn, Germany

Hello, thanks for your very nice art work. Your e-cards are beautiful. The Lord bless you and your work Ralf & Stella

Cara | Dayton, OH, USA

Absolutely beautiful. Each one is so clear and inspiring. May GOD richly bless you and let you continue to use the gifts He has given you to bless the world.

Robinson de Stirckland |

You really do paint the word of God. He has given you a gift. Looking at your art, I feel the Spirit of The Comforter. There is a gentleness and power to what you paint. Never silence that paintbrush. God has a lot to say. I'm a big fan. With love to my brother in Christ. Robinson

Sheri Pierce | Arkansas, USA

I love your artwork. I wish I could fill my home with them as reminders in every room (when I get a home). Beautiful! Praise God for your talent!

GG | , US

I simply want to thank you for the amazing art of the word. These works really are faith boosters.

Regina Rios | GrandPrairie, Texas, USA

May god continue the good work He has begun in you. You are truely using your spiritual gift to reach the lost souls of this world and I thank God for putting you in my path even if by canvas.

Sean Amster | Plymouth, MI, USA

I love your art. It beautifully brings the Bible to life, and I hope God continues to bless you and your work.

Marek Roots | Toronto, Canada

Aitäh eesti mehele kaunite tööde eest! Jätkuvat õnnistust!

Ami Stewart | Chilliwack, B.C, Canada

Your work is so inspiring. It talks to people through images rather than words. Your work is truly amazing. Thank you for raising my spirits through your paintings.

jaymee | MM, Philippines

you have a very nice gift. it is really nice that you are sharing these works to us. :) God bless you. touch more hearts.

jack | , UK

Art is simply wonderful. Great works!

Sarah |

Truly beautiful work.

Linda A. Wingfield | Aberdeen, WA, USA

You do beautiful, thoughtful work, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Susan | Lincolnshire, England

I love your styalised interpretation of your religeous images. Truely inspired. Thankyou for sharing them with us.

Jean Lewis | South Wales, U.K.

You art is beautiful and I'm so glad I found my way here. I find your paintngs inspiring and will put a link to you from my websites. Best wishes - Jean

Dana | Ohio, USA

Your work is very beautiful and I was moved almost to tears, just looking at a couple of pictures on my computer screen as I started my workday. I believe that you are doing what the Lord wants you to do, and that you will touch many lives through your work. Thank you.

Fran Kremlick | Michigan, USA

Your paintings are beautiful and offer their thoughts and representations to a broad range of believers. Thank You

Delores Two Bears | Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Thank you for sharing your testimony of salvation. My spirit was moved. I liked your e-card of TV (broken well) Your art is a reflection of the way a Christian spirit sees and thinks.

Jeanine Heming | Georgia, United States

Ain, there are no words that could ever describe the way that you capture God's heart in your art. I think that the greatest gift anyone could give is of their own heart, and you have given yours to us. Thank you for letting your talent reflect the God who loves us so much, that He bends His ear just to hear our tiniest of whispers.

Lorne MacLean | Oregon, United States

Ain, your work is incredible. I am very moved by your work. God Bless Lorne

Joel | Lagoa, Portugal

hello! i just want to tell you ,that i liked very much your work! God still blessed you,like HE knows....

S J Brown |

It is wonderful to be used by God in such a way. Thank you for answering your calling. It is truly a blessing for all who see.

Andrea | , germany

I like your style! It´s wonderful to see that god use artist to visual his thoughts. I hope that many people will be inspired of your work to look to Jesus. Be blessed with inspiration and joy of God!

Karen Matteson | California, United States

I am simply awestruck by your amazing talent. I am so pleased that you share your gift with us all. You do shine brightly! I am so grateful to you for allowing me to share your artwork with my readers. What a joy to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

james kidd | Clermont Florida, USA

great work & great story.. Our Fathers richest blessing to you and your family

Paul Abspoel | Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Hi Ain! I highly appreciate your art work and I praise God for your personal testimony. Keep up the good work, brother! [Psalm 36:10] Blessings from the Netherlands

Andrea Bailey | Bon Aqua, Tennessee, USA

Your paintings are wonderful. May God continue to use you to bring His Truth to us all. Thank you, In His Name, Andrea Bailey

Susan Blohm | USA

My heart was touched looking at the art. It is a blessing that God can use you as His paintbrush, pastel, colors to share His heart and Word to the world. I like the use of light vs. darkness in your art. That is a purpose driven life, a life that glorifies our God through the talent He has given you. I am also an artist who desires to show His heart to the world. Keep up His service!

fiona ross |

Your life must be very full of love and affection. your paintings are realy inspiring bless you x


Hi, this web page is amazing. It is very goog when people can express their vision of God an His son Jesus in ways that fullfil our heart. Congratulations Ain, your work is a gift for Humankind. A hug in Jesus Christ Pedro Almeida

Magdalena | Bielsko-Biała, Poland

It is wonderful page. You have God in your heart. Thank you for your painting's.

Constantine | Athens, Greece

Finaly Christian art that suits my taste. God bless you and keep the faith.

Pat Westbrook | Kent, U.K.

What a joy to find such beautiful, Christian work. All good wishes for many years of inspiration

Leanne Holt | Rochester, NY, US

Beautiful work, beautiful testimony. It's a joy and a priviledge to bring glory to God with the talents He's given us. Keep going!

Luca | Turin, Italy

Nice work, thank you for sharing, I hope you'll post new paintings soon. All the best by now Luca